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First impressions matter.

Attracting your landing visitors is measured in seconds.

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3D Hero Banner

Window shopping for the digital era.

Captivate your audience instantly.
Designed around retailer's need to offer a seamless online visual merchandising experience, that is consistent with their storefronts. 3D Vitrine makes it possible to display a virtual window shop that reproduces the same inviting, engaging and immersive elements that traditional storefront offer.

With scalability in mind, Modular's solution is embeddable on any website with infinitely customisable options.

Plug & Play


3D Vitrine is as easy as sharing & embedding your videos

The way you design your website explicitly impacts how your visitors perceive your brand. By adopting 3D Vitrine as your hero banner, your company will generate trust and an emotional appeal as users interact with the environment.

Use 3D Vitrine the same way you use it offline.
Wow your visitors and offer them the perfect introduction that will make them stay and buy from your website
Category Page
Present 3D graphic content with merchandising themes that best represent your new collection or special promotion
Product Page
Offer an interesting and personal multilayer story that communicates what makes your products so unique

Our 3D Technology

Built to perform.

the true craftsmanship behind your products.

True to life details
120K Polys
Average polygons per model
Offer mixed reality
Optional Feature
Lighter than videos
Average 3D model/scene


Powerful & Familiar.

No need to change your web optimisation behaviour.


3D Headers

& Invite your visitors to explore your website.


Offer Interactive
CTA Buttons

& maximise your website's conversion goals.


Upload Background Image

for an even more immersive experience.

Attract & Engage.

3D Vitrine is the perfect tool to inspire your visitors.
  • Create positive 1st impressions
  • Grab visitor's attention
  • Drive your conversion goals

Works Across All e-Commerce Platforms


Need 3D Modelling ?

Service is provided via our morpho platform

Render Product Catalogue

create a beautiful 3D product catalogue with one of our digital artists, all delivered through our morpho platform.

Optimise Your 3D Model

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Explore our compression system and publish directly through our morpho platform