Add A Virtual Try-On Experience to your Sales

Effortlessly find the ideal items with our augmented reality solution. Let clients Shop from home confidently, easily trying on your products for their perfect fit. No more waiting in fitting room lines or uncertainty when shopping online.


Celebrate your client's Creativity

Improve product experience
Deliver customers a more engaging and interactive experience, which helps build brand loyalty and improve customer satisfaction.
Increase sales conversion
Provide customers with the ability to try on products virtually, and help them feel more confident in their purchasing decisions, which leads to increased conversion rates and sales.
Reduce Returns
By allowing customers to try on products virtually, you will reduce the number of returns you receive, which  saves costs and improves the efficiency of your operations.
Reduce product uncertainty
Give your customers more confidence by allowing them to try the product in their environment.

Join the future of e-Commerce

Create feature rich augmented reality applications that are custom developed to your fit your business.

Virtual Try-On

Bring your customers closer to your in-store shop. Help them make more informed product purchasing decisions.

Fully Featured & Scalable

Grow your business effortless with our complete 3D Suite that lets your brand stand out.

The Most Immersive Product Experience

Building on our e-commerce real-time 3D engine and our popular optimised 3D pipeline process, we offer ultra-realistic experiences that reflect the true craftsmanship behind your products.

The #1 Meta e-Commerce

Trusted by thousands of professionals and companies.

“Great team to mentor. They've been progressing at a fast pace and their technology enables luxury brands to differentiate themselves digitally.”

Dan Ballin
Director @ Ideas Crucible

“Web 3D is a powerful emerging technology that luxury brands and retailers can leverage from. ModularCx is a game changer for the e-Commerce industry.”

Rudy Bekerjian
CEO @ Ecomz

“We have been working with ModularCx for some time and it is clear that the product is head and shoulders above the competition. Bilal's vision of where the market is going and the direction of the product development is "spot on”.

Lance Walker
CEO @ at Ministry of Innovation

“Working with ModularCx has been an absolute joy. The team are talented, passionate and dedicated to enhancing our online shopping experience.”

Simon Semaan
CTO @ Ardkon

“As part of our digital transformation efforts, we are embracing Modular’s 3D technologies. they created what we had in mind in a very short time. The team is dedicated, passionate, and reliable, their creativity and commitment were outstanding.”

Taniya Nawbar
Founder @ L'Atelier Nawbar

“The future of customer experience is becoming democratised by 3D companies like ModularCX. Great to see the new line up of products coming together guys. Great work!”

Ian Tomlin
Founder @ Newton Day

Transform the way you Sell Online

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