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Each of our clients has a story. We are happy we are now part of it; shaping and transforming it.

Health and Beauty

Discover a curated selection of health and beauty brands revolutionizing the online shopping experience. Dive into immersive 3D visualizations, Augmented Reality and customisation features on our 3D Platform, bringing a new dimension to exploring beauty products tailored for the modern, tech-savvy consumer

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Nicola Jones

3D Website

Experience a revolutionary shift in online shopping with our 3D website solutions. Transform your website into an interactive playground that captivates your customers and sparks their imagination. Step into the future with ModularCx and make your mark in the digital world.

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By the way, we have to mention that we were browsing your website and you have one of the most amazing websites we have ever seen! Love the products as well!" 🌟

Packaging and Design

Elevate your e-commerce platform with our 3D online packaging configurator. Offering real-time 3D visualization, 2D editing, and die cut export capabilities, this tool transforms your customers' journey into a personalized, interactive adventure, setting your brand apart in the crowded marketplace.

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Jewelry Design

Unleash the artist within your customers with ModularCx's 3D jewelry configurator. Give them the power to design their dream piece, selecting everything from the ring size to the metal type to the gemstone. Create a unique bond with your customers and redefine the jewelry shopping experience.

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Taniya Nawbar
As part of our digital transformation efforts, we are embracing Modular’s 3D technologies. they created what we had in mind in a very short time. The team is dedicated, passionate, and reliable, their creativity and commitment were outstanding.

Footwear Design

Step into the future of online shopping with our 3D solutions designed for the footwear industry. From virtual try-ons to interactive 3D visualisation, we make every shoe shine, providing customers with an immersive, personal experience that truly communicates the craftsmanship behind each product.

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Kushil Lakhani
Planning to launch a 3D customisation app was a distant goal for us, but Modular 3D brought it within reach sooner than anticipated, without compromising on quality. They showed a commendable dedication to the timelines and delivered an exceptional product. I highly endorse Modular 3D for those seeking bespoke 3D app solutions

Smoking Devices

This dedicated space showcases success stories of manufacturers utilizing 3D product visualization for an enhanced online shopping experience. Dive into how 3D technology has uplifted their digital catalogues, increased sales, and revolutionized customer interaction. Explore the transformation from traditional to 3D e-commerce, a crucial step in today's competitive online marketplace.

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Assaad Harb
We are very pleased we got the chance to work with Modular, as Bilal and his team expressed a great dedication and amazing sense of creativity.

Metaverse Virtual Shop

Explore next gen. 3D shopping experiences tailored for the metaverse.

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We created a concept 3D marketplace for shoe brands to create, manage and sell unique and custom shoes.


Unleash the full potential of your automotive business with our 3D virtual showroom experience. Our immersive environment allows you to showcase your vehicles in stunning detail, providing your customers with a one-of-a-kind interactive experience.

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Bassoul Heneine
Marketing Department
ModularCx created a fast-loading and lifelike 3D car configurator that works across devices.

Luxury Watch

ModularCx's 3D product configurator lets you offer an unparalleled level of customization to your luxury watch customers. From watch face to band to bezel, let them create their dream watch. Stand out from the competition and provide a unique experience to your customers with ModularCx

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Virtual 3D Showroom

Take your customers on a journey into the future of shopping with our 3D virtual showroom. Our immersive environment allows them to explore your products like never before, increasing engagement and driving sales. Elevate your e-commerce store with our cutting-edge technology and discover a new way to showcase your brand.

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Digital Arts
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