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🎯 Transforming the IQOS Digital Shopping Experience: A Realtime 3D Visualization Case Study for Ten05 🎯

Setting a new bar in the e-commerce landscape, this case study unravels how ModularCx, within a tight two-week timeframe, transformed Ten05's digital shopping experience with innovative 3D visualization, fostering increased customer engagement. Let's explore this groundbreaking journey.

Increase in Time Spent on Site
2 weeks
Project Completion Time
Increase in User Engagement
We are very pleased we got the chance to work with Modular, as Bilal and his team expressed a great dedication and amazing sense of creativity.
Assaad Harb

πŸ“ Introduction

Ten05, an official reseller of IQOS products, is at the forefront of providing an innovative digital shopping experience for its customers. IQOS, developed by Philip Morris International, is renowned globally for its heat-not-burn tobacco products. These are a unique category of tobacco products that heat tobacco rather than burning it, offering a smoke-free experience for its users.

Ten05, aiming to differentiate itself in the competitive e-commerce landscape and increase customer engagement, sought the expertise of ModularCx. They were tasked with developing a compelling, realistic 3D visualization of IQOS products within a tight timeframe of two weeks.


🏞 The Challenge

The primary challenge lay in the need for extreme realism and adhering to the high standards set by IQOS for their product representation. The project demanded the creation of optimized 3D models that captured the essence of IQOS products and the overall brand accurately. These models needed to be engaging, high-quality, and designed swiftly without compromising on performance and visual appeal.


πŸš€ The Journey

Given the tight schedule and high stakes, ModularCx deployed its proven strategy to tackle this challenge head-on. Our team immediately dove into the project, collaborating closely with Ten05 to ensure a clear understanding of their vision and the standards set by IQOS.

Our focus remained on creating an immersive, engaging 3D visualization that would elevate Ten05's online marketplace and provide a unique user experience. We emphasized a meticulous design process, dedicating ourselves to delivering a product that mirrored the sophistication and innovation associated with IQOS.

πŸ”‘ Key Features of Ten05's 3D Visualization


πŸ–₯ Realistic 3D Models

The project resulted in the creation of highly detailed and realistic 3D models of IQOS products. These models capture the essence of IQOS and provide customers with a clear, accurate view of the products, enhancing their shopping experience.


πŸ’¨ Immersive User Experience

Our team developed an interactive 3D environment, enabling customers to explore IQOS products in a captivating, immersive manner. This feature has significantly enhanced the user experience, making product exploration a more engaging and enjoyable process.


πŸš€ Quick Turnaround

Despite the complexity of the project, we achieved a rapid turnaround. Within the tight two-week timeframe, we successfully designed, optimized, and implemented the 3D visualization, showcasing our team's agility and commitment to delivering high-quality results.


⏱ Optimized Performance

While emphasizing realism and intricate details, we did not compromise on performance. The 3D visualization was optimized for fast loading times and smooth interactivity across various devices and browsers.


πŸ† The Result

The collaboration between Ten05 and ModularCx culminated in a unique, engaging digital platform for IQOS products. The newly enhanced Ten05 online marketplace now provides an immersive shopping experience, boasting an impressive realistic 3D visualization of IQOS products.

The successful completion of this project within the tight timeframe underlines our team's capability to deliver high-quality results under pressure. This has significantly contributed to the differentiation of Ten05 in the e-commerce landscape, leading to an increase in engagement rates.

Through the power of cutting-edge 3D visualization, we've managed to transform the digital shopping experience for IQOS products, allowing Ten05 to create a deeper connection with its customers. This project showcases ModularCx's commitment to revolutionizing e-commerce platforms through innovation, technology, and collaboration. πŸ’«


πŸš€ Future Endeavors and Lessons Learned

The successful completion of this project within the stipulated timeframe underlines the efficiency and competence of our team. The key to managing such a high-pressure project was our established and proven strategy, where we prioritize close collaboration with our clients, a clear understanding of their vision, and a relentless commitment to delivering quality results.

This project has also reiterated the importance of balancing visual realism with performance optimization. While our primary task was to create detailed, engaging 3D models, we understood that the success of this project relied on seamless user interaction and fast load times.

Going forward, we will continue to apply these valuable insights to similar projects, continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible within 3D e-commerce spaces. We're excited about the potential of such technology in revolutionizing online retail, and we look forward to continuing to innovate and lead in this space.

Our ongoing partnership with Ten05 focuses on leveraging advanced 3D technologies to continually enhance and innovate their digital platform. Together, we are committed to providing an immersive and engaging user experience that pushes the boundaries of the traditional e-commerce platform.

In summary, Ten05's 3D visualization project demonstrates ModularCx's proficiency in creating unique, engaging, and technologically advanced 3D e-commerce solutions. Through this bespoke project, we have demonstrated that with the right blend of technology and creativity, even the tightest deadlines can be met without compromising on the quality of the end product. This case study stands as a testament to the innovative potential that 3D visualization holds for the future of digital retail. πŸ’«

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Discover how ModularCx revolutionized Ten05's online shopping experience for IQOS products through the power of realtime 3D visualization. Our case study reveals how high-quality 3D models, a seamless user experience, and a swift turnaround time can lead to increased customer engagement in a competitive e-commerce landscape.

Setting a new bar in the e-commerce landscape, this case study unravels how ModularCx, within a tight two-week timeframe, transformed Ten05's digital shopping experience with innovative 3D visualization, fostering increased customer engagement. Let's explore this groundbreaking journey.

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