3D Jewelry Configurator

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Powerful Features

We've designed a feature-packed library of components to satisfy the most intricate personalisation options.

Intuitive User Experience

We curate your product qualities into impactful virtual experiences where their customers can enjoy an immersive , personal experience.

Ultra-Realistic 3D Quality

Enjoy superior 3D Visualisation that will reflects every surface texture, radiates light sources and depicts every graduated shadow.

Custom e-Commerce Integration

Achieve fast and reliable integration with your favorite e-commerce platform.

ModularCx created what we had in mind in a very short time. The team is dedicated, passionate, and reliable, their creativity and commitment were outstanding.!
Taniya Nawbar
Founder & Jewellery Designer


Celebrate Your Client's Individuality

Consumers want to express themselves through the products they own. They look for the empowerment of having a say in the design.

3D e-commerce

Create Your 3D Product Configurator

The Modular 3D Configurator is a customer-centric experience that delivers a  seamless interaction for customers to realise their dream customised products.